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7 Seeds

Wild Forest Honey

Dark Amber honey from the plantations of himalyan belt . Rich in taste thus acts as sweetener for beverages and desserts.

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Q. A sneak peak into what the bees say about their journey

One of the most common flowers that you will perhaps ever come across, the wildflower is one of my easiest flowers that I pollinate. These flowers are easily visible across the meadows all over India and finding them is not at all difficult but for this variety of 7Seeds honey I choose to visit the flora of North Indian belt. These Wild flowers, which were not intentionally planted, include a mixture of different species of flowers , most commonly alfafa, clover or orange blossom etc. I can easily travel between colourful aromatic flowers , So obviously when I make this honey, the taste, aroma and composition varies as per the season, depending on the flowers, which are dominant at the time when I collect the nectar.  

Q. A sneak peak into what the bees say about their journey

• The mild floral flavor and sweetness of wildflower honey make it a very popular sweetener for tea and other beverages.
• is a great cough suppressant and also relieves seasonal allergies
• Is rich in antioxidants and contains compounds linked to increased immune function and protection against conditions like heart disease and cancer.
• Is effective in treating seasonal allergies, as it boosts the immune system and helps the body system to produce more antibodies.
• It has anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties.

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