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Rose Infused Honey

An aromatic infusion of rose and natural honey with a refreshing taste and multiple health benefits such as blood purification, mood enhancing, de-stressing etc.

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Q. A sneak peak into what the bees say about their journey

Donning a veiled helmet and protective gloves, my first task is to remove honeycombs from the beehive. As I sweep the bees off from the comb and guide them back to their hive, I inject a puff of smoke into the hive to tranquilise the bees, which also gives me time to insert a separator board where the honey is collected. My first task is to extract the honey from the honeycomb before I infuse it with the petals of the rose flower.

With over 100 different species of rose, So, I can actually make different varieties of rose infused honey, using different rose species! The leaves are borne alternatively on the stem of the flower.

I personally like infusing this honey because it is my favourite infusion varieties to eat as well. The room just smells absolutely magical during the infusion process and as I infuse the honey with rose I don't feel as if it is some task but an interesting activity to perform!

Health benefits of Acacia Honey

• Rose honey is very good for the heart and digestive system.
• It is an excellent heart and nerve tonic.
• It is a blood purifier
• It is a great source of relief for a sore throat and for respiratory infection symptoms such as cough and cold.
• This honey acts as a moisturising agent and is excellent at healing cuts and bruises.

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