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7 Seeds

Multifloral Honey

This Honey is yielded from the beatiful floral orchards of North Indian region. With a distict taste and colour this honey is an excellent immunity booster and base for ayurvedic mixes.

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Q. A sneak peak into what the bees say about their journey

One of my easiest jobs is making multifloral honey also known in Italy is “milleflori”. As I visit thousands of flowers from forests, orchards and meadows to collect nectar, my honey will vary according to the season. During springtime, the honey’s taste is delicate and smells pleasant; and during summer it is darker and has a more distinct taste and smell.

In India, my main focus in preparing 7Seeds honey is to search for these flowers in Northern parts of the country, where there are plenty of floral gardens. Some of the different flowers I visit include Rhododendron ponticum Butea monosperma. Rhododendron ponticum flowers are usually violet-purple in colour and very often have small greenish yellow spots or streaks on them. I can easily spot the Butea monospermas, which are known for their bright orange-red colour.

Health benefits of Multifloral Honey

• Multifloral honey is known for supporting the heart muscle. It is helpful with liver and gallbladder treatment.
• Multifloral honey is useful to overcome feelings of fatigue or tiredness.
• Multifloral honey is useful in treating people who are allergic to flower pollen.
• Multifloral honey is recommended for children to treat the flu, cold and lower respiratory tract.

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