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Lime Infused Honey

An aromatic infusion of lemon with natural honey is a perfect vitamin C dose for your skin and real enhancer for your mood.

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Q. A sneak peak into what the bees say about their journey

Lemon infused honey, another infused variant I have to make! I really wonder if there can be an end to the number of infused honeys that you can make! Known for adding flavour to cocktails, salads and pasta dishes, lemons are aromatic and known for having a sour and acidic taste.

Lemon trees, which are especially native to Asia, are small evergreen tree that, bear these ellipsoidal yellow fruits. In fact, it has been believed that lemons were first been grown in Assam, northern Burma and China!

So, I begin the process: I can either extract the honey from the honeycomb in a similar fashion how I have as the other variants or I just pick up a bottle of honey that I previously made. What is worth noticing is not the process of extracting the honey this time, but more of the infusion with lemons! Once the infusion process is done, you will be so surprised how it tastes!

A very magical honey, this variant is a mixture of the sharp, sour taste of lemon and rich, sweet honey. So, I begin this process of infusion and I realise how quickly I’m able to go through this process! It really is one of the best concoctions to keep at home!

Health benefits of Lemon Infused Honey

• Lemon infused honey is powerful when dealing with a cold’s symptoms. It not only gets rid of the cold, it also help you deal with the aches, pains and sore throats associated with a cold.
• Lemon honey keeps constipation at bay. This honey also helps to cleanse the stomach.
• Lemon honey hastens weight loss. This variant is packed with a type of fibre called pectin, which helps you feel full and keep cravings at bay.
• Lemon infused honey can give your energy levels a boost and improve your mood.
• Lemon infused honey aids in cleansing your urinary tract and acts as a diuretic.
• Lemon infused honey helps beat bad breath and improve oral health.
• Lemon infused honey gives you clear skin and a natural glow.

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