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7 Seeds

Gift Set One

The best gifts come in multiple flavours. Choose this unique assortment of 4 different types of honeys weighing 30gms each to gift your loved ones.
Note: The dipper is not included in the pack.

Rs. 300/-

inclusive of all taxes



Since when was honey used as a gift?

Honey has been a traditional gift for many occasions. But where did we get this custom to give honey on special occasions? This practice seems to be as old as man. Bees and honey have been known to mankind for as long as we find records. One of the oldest records shows a painting near Valencia, Spain which is dated between 6000 and 8000 years old. Records since then have shown the importance of honey and the use of honey as a gift tradition.

What is the ideal occasion to gift honey?

Show your care to your employees, associates, customers, friends and loved ones by sending this sweet healthy gift that spreads the good message of health and inspiration. Honey is the perfect way to congratulate your colleague to celebrate the sweet success or to wish someone on their festival. It can even be an ideal gift to congratulate someone on their engagement, a birthday or even a simple gift while visiting a friend’s house for dinner. The experience of indulging in this luxurious natural honey will be cherished for ages.

Gift Set One
Gifting Set Two
Vanilla Infused Honey
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