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Eucalyptus Honey

Light Amber to Medium Dark Red in colour this honey is bought from the lush eucalyptus plantations of Himalyas. With a hint of Menthol in its taste, it’s the best remedy for chest congestion and respiratory disorders.

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Q. A sneak peak into what the bees say about their journey

Also known as the fever tree, blue gum tree or stringy bark tree, finding the Eucalyptus tree is a bit of a task for me as there are over 700 different species. The tree can be found in Australia, India, Europe and South Africa; the Middle East, China, the Mediterranean Basin and the Americas.

However, in India I can easily find these trees in the lush plantations of the North Indian belt to prepare my 7Seeds honey. As I begin to collect the nectar, I have to visit the exquisite Eucalyptus flowers, which are of two types; one that flowers once a year during a specific season and another, which flowers all year round.

These flowers are quite unlike other flowers as they do not have any petals, but have a cluster of rather long stamens supporting little yellow anthers. It is easy to find abundant nectar from these flowers and most often it is possible to produce up to 45-50 kg of honey.

Although many people dislike this taste, this honey has a unique healthy edge over the benefits of many other honey variants. So, it is quite possible that the eucalyptus honey that you try may differ as per aroma, flavour and even texture. It has small menthol or camphor like taste to it and is light amber to medium dark red in colour

Health benefits of Eucalyptus Honey

• Has antiseptic properties similar to Eucalyptus oil.
• It is antibacterial and a decongestant; has anti-inflammatory and germicidal properties.
• Treats various ailments such as respiratory problems, pulmonary tuberculosis, cough, cold and runny nose.
• It is effective in healing wounds, scars, insect stings, burns, cuts, ulcers, sores, and abrasions.
• Aids patients suffering from sprained ligaments and tendons, rheumatism, stiff muscles, nerve pain, fibrosis, aches and lumbago!
• Extremely effective for relieving muscle and joint pains when massaged over the infected area.

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