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Ajwain Honey

light Amber to medium in colour this honey is yielded from ajwain plantations of north india. This honey has several anti fungal, anti oxidant and anti microbial properties.

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Q. A sneak peak into what the bees say about their journey

Finding this plant is not very difficult, as I know which areas I can target. My fellow bee family members had told me, that these Ajwain (or Bishop’s weed) flowers could be found in Iran, India; the eastern Mediterranean and even Egypt. But for preparing 7Seeds ajwain honey I choose the North Indian belt.

So, I fly around in the scorching heat but as soon as I spot the whitish coloured looking flowers I head down, full speed towards the flowers. I am often very lazy when it comes to collecting nectar from flowers so I want to get back to the hive soon and just rest!

Oh as my second tummy gets filled with the nectar of these flowers, I feel the weight of my small body becoming heavier. Oh what a job I have to do to be a part of this family of bees! Nonetheless, I collect as much as I can. Now all I have to do is fly back and transfer my collection to the other bees. As I anticipate about my freedom from work, the time surprisingly passes quickly. Before I know it I get to rest! My job is done!

Of course, now our common friend – the beekeeper visits our hive, disguised like a monster with all his protective gear on, because he is so scared that we will sting him! He has an interesting job of extracting our magical honey from our lovely home, the honeycomb. Sometimes I feel so angry inside, knowing that he takes away our beautiful creation, but then again my mind drifts off. My job is done and so I’m happy!

Health benefits of Ajwain Honey

• Ajwain honey has antifungal, antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits.
• Ajwain honey is an instant remedy for a stomachache.
• Ajwain honey is effective in treating a chronic and recurrent cold.
• Ajwain honey is beneficial for treating people suffering from asthma.
• Ajwain honey is beneficial in treating diabetes.
• Ajwain honey is beneficial at treating indigestion.
• Ajwain honey is beneficial for treating Acidity and Hyperacidity.

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